Remy Martin 'Rooted In Excellence' is a holographic experience I developed for Kazendi. The client requested a photo-realistic narrative to show the complex process of creating their cognac fine champagne, XO. 
The Microsoft HoloLens is the most impressive mixed reality hardware currently available. However, the convenience of being untethered comes at a serious performance cost. This makes achieving a photo realistic experience a challenge.
Baking some dielectrics will not work with a straightforward approach, so I rendered orthographic views of the bottle with refraction, and with no specular or reflections. The orthographics were reprojected onto a lower density mesh and baked as a lightmap to the bottles UVs. A roughness and normal map were created in Substance Painter so the labels and cap would have a dynamic reflection in Unity. The XO bottle was rendered in Cinema 4D using Octane, each view took 20 minutes to render with 2x 980Tis at 4k.
Cognac Aging in barrels
The cognac barrels aging over time were animated in Cinema 4D and baked using NitroBake. A custom shader was created using ShaderForge to allow for semi-dynamic lighting and to ignore the skybox used for the bottle's reflections. The ambient occlusion and spec maps were baked into a diffuse pass using Octane.
Cinema 4D + Octane pre-vis and baking     |    Unity Recording    |    HoloLens Recording
Vines and grapes growing
The grape vines were created and animated using Forester for Cinema 4D and the animation is an fbx sequence of the vines' growth states to create a stop motion effect. Since the lighting is static, everything was baked into a beauty pass which was used as an unlit material in Unity.
Cinema 4D + Octane pre-vis and baking     |    Unity Recording    |    HoloLens Recording
Tasting Notes
Cinema 4D + Octane pre-vis and baking     |    Unity Recording    |    HoloLens Recording
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